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Today Ring light is one of the most useful equipment for photography,portrait , modeling & advertisement.

A privilege's of this rings is that we can install them into the light tripod. Also you can use this tripods for installing your cellphone into this lights.It'll given a mirror with this LED light too.One side is ordinary mirror and other side it has enlargement which is used for makeup artists and also a person who wants to makeup next to the camera. You can use this camera for your selfie pictures too.Maybe it will be exhilarating for you that professional makeup artists can have flawless makeup with this LED lights and without disturbing lights.Another point that is significant about this lights is that they will create subject in eye or in another word they will catch light. Catch light of this ring lights is not very significant and it will create a beautiful effect in subject's of the features of FC-480 ring light is that it has 3 screws for adjusting HUE color, density of color and adjusting power screw which can easily adjust the color of light, density and power of outcome light. Also it will be given a manual control with this ring light which it will help you to apply your setting.